How are you? How’s your Covid mental health? I think its fair to say we’ve all been struggling since Covid 19 first became a thing at the beginning of this year.


We all have a lot of questions when it comes to Covid. Is there going to be a second wave? When will we get a vaccine for it? Is this the new normal?


Well I’m not here to answer those questions. I feel like this pandemic is kind of like what happens when you die. Everyone has an opinion but at the end of the day no one really knows.


So I’m here to give you my 5 top tips for coping with your Covid mental health.


1. Video chat

I know video chatting is often painful, awkward and you spend a lot of the time fighting with the technology to make it work but let me tell you it is so so important for your Covid mental health!
If we’re going to survive this crazy pandemic we need to do it together and given that we can’t be together right now we need to utilise this magic that the tech gods have given us called video chat.
I was sceptical at first as well but hearing the sound of my friends laughing, an anecdote that sounds so much better through talking than text and feeling like I’m part of something is the biggest mood booster ever!
During lockdown I’ve always gone in to video chats feeling pretty rubbish and come out with a huge smile on my face.
If you’re feeling brave try zoom quizzes. I did these with my housemates and their friends during lockdown in Sheffield and they are so fun! I’d never done a pub quiz in my life but was amazed at how in to them I got. Don’t knock in until you’ve tried it, just saying!


2. Move Around
Now I say move around because during lockdown when my depression was bad a well meaning friend told me to ‘just go for a walk’ which as you probably know if you suffer with mental health issues is often easier said than done.
So screw going for a walk, just move away from your bed!
Organise your wardrobe, make an omelette, read your book on the sofa instead of in bed, take a shower. All of these seemingly little things will make you feel a million times better and help massively with your Covid mental health trust me!


3. Have a grateful heart
Now this is another one which you’re probably screaming ‘screw you!’ at you’re computer or phone whilst reading but hear me out ok.
When my mental health is bad hearing that someone has got it worse than me still doesn’t change the fact that I feel shitty. It just doesn’t. So lets take others out of the equation and think about what you on your own have to be grateful for.
For me during lockdown it was the pretty views on my walk to work, my comfy bed, my mum checking in on me every day, actually going to work and having a safe(albeit minimum wage but still a wage) job.
It doesn’t have to be big things and I’m not saying that this will stop your Covid mental health kicking your arse but it feels good when you think of the happy things even just for a moment.


4. Learn or try something new
Ever wanted to learn Spanish? Ever wanted to get more clued up on the Black Lives Matter movement? Ever wanted to perfect your cake baking skills?
What better time to do this seen as we’re stuck in the house most of the time if we’re not working?!
It doesn’t have to be too intense either. I’ve been learning French using Duolingo and it’s so fun! I’ve also been reading a book called Black Tudors which totally feeds my inner history geek. Not to mention the blogging books and articles I’ve been reading to get this blog ready for it’s big relaunch.
(So if you’re reading this thank you for joining me for the relaunch ?)
It feels so great knowing that you’ve done something productive at the end of the day so take that Covid mental health!


5. Be kind to yourself
Now I saved this for last but it’s a biggie!
Let me tell you from years of experience beating myself up when my mental health has been bad and only feeling a million times worse. You absolutely need to be kind to yourself! It’s the only way you’re going to tackle your Covid mental health!
So what if all you do in the day is watch Netflix and eat a copious amount of custard creams. You’ve still walked to the cupboard to get those custard creams and made a decision of what to watch on Netflix, which if you’re anything like me is always an impossible task.
You are beautiful so bloody tell yourself you’re beautiful! You are strong and brave and awesome so big yourself up and celebrate it!
I know being British its all about the self deprecation but I’m calling bullshit on it because it’s time we frigging celebrated ourselves!
Your Covid mental health will thank you for it.


So these are my 5 top tips for coping with Covid mental health. If you have questions feel free to message me on Facebook/Instagram or drop a comment below and I’ll definitely reply.


Lots of love


Edwina xxx