The Anxious Traveller

Just a girl travelling the world with anxiety

Hey you lovely readers 🙂 I’m Edwina. I’m a happily single 32 year old Support Worker, Environmental Studies student, blogger and dreamer.

I am a honest, straight talking, no nonsense typical Northern English girl. I have a travel addiction but also chronic anxiety and depression.

Now I know what you’re thinking, how do these two go hand in hand? Can someone with anxiety travel? Or maybe you have anxiety and you’re thinking, I could never travel or go on holiday? Or maybe you’re thinking, how the hell is she happily single at 32 years of age?! These are all topics I plan to explore more in my blog.

Although my blog has been just about travel so far I plan on sharing all my single escapades which have my friends laughing and a lot of the time in awe when I come out with one of my TMI single girl stories over drinks. Stay tuned, shit is going to get very real on this blog.

Right real talk now. I have a dream. A big fat seemingly ridiculous ambitious dream of one day becoming a digital nomad and doing like all the super cool travel bloggers who keep popping up on my Instagram do. The magical dream job of travelling for a living. I seriously find it hard to believe that that it is not everyone’s dream job. But then I look around me and everyone else seems to be chasing relationships and having babies so maybe I’m the crazy one?! I say everyone, I have a small group of strong, ambitious, driven, single ladies who inspire me to keep moving forward and support me in my dreams to conquer the world around me every day.

So readers, are you ready to join me on this crazy ride?!

Edwina xxx

Disclaimer: Any names used throughout this blog will be changed to protect privacy.

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