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Those of you know who know me well will know I LOVE LOVE LOVE camping! If someone mentions camping you can bet your ass I’m there in a heartbeat!

Camping is a great budget friendly way to experience nature as well as a chance to get away from the stress of everyday life. I definitely think camping positively impacts my mental health.

What with the travel restrictions this year I’ve done a lot of camping so I’ve come up with 5 magic camping tips to help you on your next camping adventure…

1. Choose the right tent

The first of my camping tips is choosing the right tent. Do you want something that will shoot up straight away? Choose a pop up tent. Can you be arsed to master the technique of putting down the pop up tent? If not you’re probably best choosing a different kind of tent.

All singing all dancing tents look amazing but believe me there a pain in the arse to put up so unless you’re a camping wizard I’d suggest a more basic tent.

Tents don’t have to be expensive to work well so don’t feel like you have to spend loads of money on a tent.

I bought my pop up tent 6 years ago for £20 and it’s still going strong after many an adventure.

2. Check the weather

British people are obsessed with the weather and being British myself I’m no exception. This is especially useful when planning camping adventures.

It’s generally better to camp when the weather is good although waking up in a sweaty tent isn’t fun when the weather is too hot.

Setting up camp or packing down in the rain is my worse nightmare when it comes to camping. Everything just ends up so wet.

Although that said I’ve camped in the rain many times and if you’re with awesome people you’re still guaranteed to have a good time.

3. Pack down your tent properly

If it’s filled with rubbish and mud when you pack it down it will still be there when you next use it and will likely smell really bad.

If it’s wet when you pack it down it will still be wet when you next use it so make sure you dry it out properly when you get home if packing down in the rain to avoid a mouldy tent.

This camping tip is pretty simple but I still feel it needs to be said.

4. Pack light but make sure you pack everything you need

Now this is one that I always get caught out on because doing a lot of backpacking I’ve trained myself to pack light. I’ve had many a frozen night in a tent because I haven’t packed enough layers.

So the trick is to really think about the essentials you need in order to have a comfortable camping trip. Jumpers to keep warm are essential. Portable hair straighteners on the other hand are not essential.

No one cares what you look like when you’re camping so shove your hair in a ponytail and forget it.

Like I said earlier consider the weather especially when packing. You won’t have a good time if you’re wet and cold the whole trip.

5. Plan your evening entertainment

Now for the fun part, planning your evenings!

What with no TV and limited battery or signal you do have to talk to the people your camping with. Like real life talk. Crazy I know!

So bring your alcohol, guitar, equipment to build a fire to toast marshmallows or if the weathers looking a bit gloomy(I know I mention the weather a lot) make sure there’s a pub within walking distance.

Remember camping is meant to be a fun way to experience nature so always think about maximum enjoyment as well as the practical stuff.

Were these tips helpful?

Have you got any tips that you’d add?

Leave me a message in the comments section or hit me up on Facebook or Instagram.

Edwina xxx

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